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CAIRN OTG Counselling Centers are situated in Bauddha Stupa and SXC/SXSSC in KTM Nepal, as well as in London (UKPS) and in Swansea Wales (CAIRN) UK, in Nice (ISI-CNV) and Verdon (CAIRN) S-France, in UCL/LAAP/LLN and Bruxelles (CAIRN) Belgium, Spokane USA and Winnipeg Canada. New Centers are now being open in Sarnath Benares and Dehradun India, and in Lhasa/Nyalam Tibet TAR China (: Sept-Oct 2006)!


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  Cairn  Strategic  Tsa-rLung  Coaching

Nine  Modular  Experiential  Programmes




CAIRN provides a unique selection of Tibetan traditional Tsa-rLung Arts&Therapy Yoga and Coaching services, based upon the social reality of more than 25 years NGOs experience in the comparative research & development approach of Himalayan Healing Traditions.

Perceived and conceived in a world view which is linked with current Himalayan and Asian geo-political, social and educational prospective, the synthesis of tools being proposed will allow you to rediscover and understand yourself in the transmuting context of Asia, linking cross-cultural awareness experiential with teaching on the Subtle Energy level, and working with the emotions and representations linked to your enfolding destiny.

CAIRN Strategic Tsa-rLung Coaching is dedicated to transforming the practice of community leadership and to helping create cultures of engagement for high performance/high fulfillment organizations that bring out the best in people in terms of  Personal or Organizational Renewal and Leadership, this by using the precious legacy of the Tibetan Tsa-rLung Body of Light Practices and Vajrayana Philosophy (ref- Dudjom OTG Namgyal Rimpoche).


Our  Services

Asia Business Development

Leadership Coaching



We believe that personal development should be targeted, relevant, stimulating and above all practical. We are deeply convinced that the current actuality of the Himalayan region will bring enormous changes and opportunities at both the Asian and international levels. We are passionate of the role of spiritual elite and Subtle Energy Body Awareness can bring as evolution prospective to Human Being, Society and the World, as a whole. 

 Cairn may also act as a clearinghouse centre in higher education exchange, by promoting and assisting online professional training, as well as providing both practical and theoretical courses, cum face-to-face educational guidance (online video-chat or group seminars). Using a pool of experienced and certified academic consultants, Cairn promotes, organizes and maintains certificated series of options and courses recognized within the EU/UK educational and professional training framework.

   Cairn Tsa-rLung Coaching options are organized all year- round in and around Kathmandu Valley (Nepal), as well as in Swansea South Wales (UK), the Verdon and Aude/Ariege regions (South of France), Canada (H@W), as well as in India (Benares, Sarnath, Dehradun, Darjeeling, Sikkim) and in Lhasa Tibet/TAR China.

  There are Nine Experiential Quests (Curriculum Options) to choose from, each related to a specific context of tools and knowledge for exchanging/bridging ancient wisdom and the contemporary academic approach to traditional health and healing.

Enter the Quest!

Module 1 - Tsa-rLung Psycho-Energotherapy (Namgyal Rimpoche, KTM)
Module 2 - Tsa-rLung Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychotherapy (idem)
Module 3 - Tibetan Energo-Psychology (ref- Tarab Tulku, Yuthog, Yontan)
Module 4 - Tibetan Herbal Medicine Kunphen (Amchi Tashi Pedon, Np)
Module 5 - Tibetan Materia Medica & Philosophy (Amchi Jampa, Np)
Module 6 - Body of Light Computerized Energy Field Assessment (UK)
Module 7 - Grail Quest in Aude and Verdon Keltic Powerplaces (France)
Module 8 - Healing Shamanism and Channeling (Heart@Work Canada)
Module 9 - Tsa-rLung Energo-Chromo-Musicotherapy (Arts&Therapy)

CAIRN Consortium High-Education Exchange is a EU/UK co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education which promotes the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It is directly linked to EU/UK- top-quality Foundation Courses and enhances the visibility and attractiveness of European higher education in third countries.














































Humanitarian   Assistance  Boddhanath Stupa - Safe Heaven " The  Island of Peace  Project "

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Bauddha Stupa Interfaith Peace Initiative
Academic online multimedia news and discussion on current events

" Boddhanath, Island of Peace"

Tsa-rLung   Coaching



Welcome to   Tsa-rLung  Coaching! 

CAIRN Tsa-rLung Coaching areas of focus includes the following :

  • Confidence rejuvenation
  • Career strategic counselling 
  • Fostering Synergy relationships
  • Trans-cultural communication skills
  • Perception of the Body of Light energy
  • Dream yoga and transmutation achievements
  • Tsa-rLung Healing & Divination with Elements practices
  • Getting to know what you really want in life through Catharsis.


How is it practiced?
Coaching can be conducted through a number of mediums - here are the most popular:

  • Sessions in person
  • Sessions on the telephone
  • Sessions using video-cam or email
  • Group experiential coaching sessions on site
  • Group coaching through videostreaming (e-teleclass)

During each coaching session the coach and the client will discuss and explore the clients' journey including their goals, wins, challenges, and opportunities, as well as develop their fieldwork for the coming weeks. Fieldwork consists of action steps to move the client closer toward his or her goals and dreams. The client brings the agenda and the coach brings the coaching skills to create a partnership that moves the client forward.


Our  Services


Asia Business Development (SMEs/NGOs)

As much for small business owners, as for NGOs, those are interesting times nowadays in Nepal. Buffer between two economic and cultural giants soon to come, namely: India and China, there is much to learn, experience and anticipate in the target-site Bauddha Stupa, one of the most vibrant cultural and regional business hub in KTM valley today (Nepal). Local youth, lamas, monks and trans-borders business dream  when the political situation will enable to re-expand soon to the whole of the Himalayan region and the world, hire more employees, grow the network and consolidate assets in a fast changing world. Although the place is immerged in traditional beliefs, the business itself is way out of red-tape, here you may get glimpses of the "real" economy of future regional relations. It is of much interest to those involved in such post- development prospective, to assess in situ how efficiency and practicalities are reached on such Himalayan KABP foundations. What, in short, are actually these ideological foundations which makes flux dynamic despite of civil war, and which positive approach characterizes life in such place?

Often, Westerners Dharma followers are looking at Tibetan Lamas with awe for the apparent success of their increasingly international Diaspora assets, and for the growing disdain for imported development-aid recipes and other misrepresentations. Thousands of previous Tibetan refugees in India/Nepal have now relocated business ventures in Tibet China TAR. CAIRN Business Services consulting is linked with those people and begins by focusing on the trends, needs and issues of Asian business, identifying what KABP changes would support initiatives most. Once the Roadmap is drawn, we develop solutions customized to specific needs based upon the emerging economy of the Himalayan region, success soon to come...

Beside those basic HRD issues, CAIRN believes not only in making your businesses plans more efficient and effective, but also in creating a vibrant atmosphere that remains in touch with a  vision of purpose and focus, so to see and capitalize on the ever-changing economic and competitive environments. CAIRN offers a unique set of strategic tools and methodologies to provide persons and organizations with the ability to assess their strengths and challenges, as well as identify and develop potential areas for growth and change, and use the synergy of Working with the Elements to move the organization in more ethical, spiritual and dynamic directions.


Leadership Coaching

Tsa-rLung practices are for the real world. And the energy, stamina and inspiration they provide are directly linked to the real nature of mind, its "oneness", its compassion and its ever evolving wisdom. Tsa-rLung Tantras, by their very nature, provide the support for transmutation and  embodiment with the forces of nature, which attributes beside healing, self-healing, divination and rejuvenation also develop successful leaders. No manuscripts, courses or masters can really give to anyone the knowledge of one-self (real nature of mind), or change the way we are perceiving phenomena or practicing life as human beings. This change must come from genuine practices experiential within the individual.

Powerful experiential changes require focus, energy, and commitment. Transmutation changes requires courage, tenacity, and vision under relevant experienced Guidance.

CAIRN Leadership Coaching provides such a supportive environment which investigates and nurtures your unique gifts and talents – that which has made you the person that you now already are – and then supports you in enhancing these attributes and as well as identifying ways to unblock your unused spiritual potential towards more harmony, knowledge and active compassion, within your everyday life and tasks.


• Transmutation

CAIRN Tsa-rLung Transmutation deals with acquiring the operational tools for transmuting our Body&Mind consciousness, thus modifying through genuine intimate experience what we believe is true. Shifting that perspective from materiality only to a more refined vision of the manifestation of the Nature of Mind & Energy, will allow us to move outside the usual limited perspective in which we live. Transmutation coaching supports individuals into transmuting the current perspective, challenging the status quo and supports a catharsis and dynamic growth directly linked to the realm of Working with the Elements and Protectors.

Transmutation coaching shifts the focus of negativity and limitations, by addressing the root causes of our own resonance process in merging with a so-called problem, focusing on the core of its intimate experiential nature within us, finding both the root cause of negativity inside and those of the issue outside, while understanding this is all one and the same, which we create by our attitude. Where and where real change of phenomena may occur, we learn how to deal with it. But first, we learn how to transmute the seeds of negativity and illness within ourselves, so that what has seemed quite impossible earlier, suddenly becomes quite possible. The Tsa-rLung practices offer limitless possibilities...



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Introduction Seminar & Retreat
Registration for this workshop will begin in September 2006. Please go to the CAIRN Tsa-rLung Seminars Webpage to look for upcoming workshops organization dates and locations in London (UK), Bruxelles (Be), Nice (Fr), Genoa (It) and/or Canada.
Certified CAIRN ECTS/ECDL postgraduate / continuous adult education credits
Fieldwork: from October 15 to November 15, 2006 (Nepal, India, Tibet TAR China)
Tsa-rLung Introduction Experiential Seminar & Retreat (S-France): Registration
France: Euro250, $300, £175 (does not include accommodations or commuter fee)
CAIRN Member Tuition: Euro200, $275, £150

Tsa-rLung  Psycho~Energotherapy

Introduction to the Nyingmapa Tsa-rLung Healing & Rejuvenation Yoga Tradition

William R LEON (PhD, MA Psy, MA Pol-eco-soc)

William R Leon is the founder CEO of the CAIRN Consortium Online High Education Exchange EU-NGO affiliated with SXC KTM, NIHS in KTM, CIHTS India, UCL/POLS/ANSO/LAAP in UCL/LLN Belgium, UKPS London UK, UWS London UK, ISI-CNV and Nice U Anthropology Unit in Nice Fr, Genoa U It, and other research partners in Asia, EU, Canada and USA. He is a senior collaborator of the late Tarab Tulku Rimpoche for the Tibetan Psychology Seminars organization (ITAS/ATB 1980-88), as well as a next-door friend of late Khyentse Rimpoche (Shechen), Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche (Bonpo), Lopon Orgyen Tenzin Namgyal (Dudjom) and other Nagpas Lamas in both the Nyingma, Geluk and Bon traditions. Acting as Director & International Coordinator for CAIRN, he also provides online or face to face personal sessions in Rehabilitation, Vocational and Educational Counselling, this on request (please email). Based upon a 35 years relation with Tibetan and Tantric Yoga Masters, as well as a 25 years daily work with selected NGOs/HEIs in the target-site Bouddhanath Stupa and KTM valley Nepal, his motivation are to promote better awareness and understanding for the prospective relations between Nepalese, Tibetans and Westerners, as well as therefore to promote the upgraded use of insights and selected tools for Energotherapy and Rejuvenation generated from the Tsa-rLung practices, Ajna Kundalini Yogas, Tarab Ladrang, Zeberio Energotherapy and other Healing Traditions. He is vigorously involved in research using Energy Scanning and Archetypal visualization for psychotherapy patients. 


Dudjom  Tsa-rlung Practices  Research & Training e-Center  (OTG)

Namgyal Rimpoche (*)  Tsa-rLung Trul Khor Seminar


Namgyal Rimpoche: Introduction Seminar  to the Nyingma Tsa-rLung Healing and Tibetan Trul Khor Yoga Rejuvenation Practices  (as transmitted under Dudjom Lineage)  will be organized in France, Italy, UK- and Belgium, in 2006-07.

This Nyingmapa Tsa-rLung Yoga experiential seminars given by Namgyal Rimpoche (Dudjom Gompa KTM), will comprise the detailed presentation of the philosophy, concepts and exercises related to the Preliminaries, Tumo, Tsa, Lung, Tigle and the related Healing and Rejuvenation Practices, as they are transmitted currently under the Dudjom lineage. They incorporate deep breathing (Pranayama), cleansing, visualization and reference to the Dzogchen awareness. The Tibetan Tsa-rLung Yoga is a powerful tool to clear-up long-time psychosomatic blockage, as well as renew stamina, rejuvenate the body&mind and develop further spiritual skills. Above all, the  Body of Light practices will support the spontaneous arising of compassion.

Depending upon the sites chosen (Belgium, France, Germany and/or Wales UK), these seminars  will be organized in two or three parts: 

Part 1- Introduction to the Concepts & Practices, evening Conference(s).

Part 2- Tsa-rLung Experiential Seminar, being either one or two days indepth for the exploration of the Body of Light concepts: subtle channels (Tsa),  breathing (Lung) and visualization of the Subtle Body Light (Tigle). These will be presented along with the major Vajrayana Tantra concepts, including relations with the Guru Yoga, Protectors, Dakinis, Yidam and above all working with the energy of  the Five Elements.

Part 3- This Tsa-rLung Yoga Retreat will be of a duration from 5 to 7 days, organized in a selected power-place (Tibetan Center) in S-of-France ...

The conference, experiential seminar and retreat are presently discussed and may start to be organized onwards from October 2005, with selected partners in France, Germany, Italy, UK- and Belgium. They are foreseen to be undertaken during the mid-spring 2006, based upon each site promotion/registration results.

Depending upon each site organization, they may be linked with Dharma Traditional Events, such as a Dorje Drolo Puja and Dance, or Teachings from Dudjom Rimpoche heritage regarding the Dudjom Terma Tradition (*).

Please do not hesitate to contact CAIRN Consortium, for further details at email(s):  and/or

The Tsa-rLung Trul-Khor Yoga may be roughly translated from the Tibetan as "the magical movements, channels, and vital breath". It is a distinctive Tibetan practice of yoga that incorporates breath, awareness, visualization, archetypes embodiment and physical movement. It can clear long-held blocks in the practitioner's body, energy, and mind. Tsa Lung Trul Khor also supports the spontaneous arising of compassion and awareness during everyday life.

This seminar will be linked to a retreat, as one option to provide more in-depth contextual exploration of the energetic dimension that is composed of the body's subtle channels (tsa), the vital breath (lung, or prana or qi) that circulates through them, and the subtler aspects of the mind (tigle), along with their correlation with archetypes and five elements transmutation (earth, water, fire, air, and space).

The retreat is open to anyone—no meditation or yoga experience is needed—but suitable clear motivation as the prerequisite course to Tsa Lung Healing Yogas training offered by CAIRN at the UKPS London, or at other affiliated institutes.

The conferences, experiential seminars and the retreat will tentatively be organized from December 2005 with partners in France, Germany, Italy, UK- and Belgium, to be undertaken during mid-spring 2006, based upon each site registration result.

Please do not hesitate to contact CAIRN Consortium, for further details at email(s):  and/or

Please note: Courses abstract available. Recommended reading: Tarab Tulku: Unity in Duality, Trungpa : Spiritual Materialism and Celtic Buddhism, Dudjom : Dzogchen, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Healing With Form, Energy, and Light... 

For more details, please click here!

What Our Price Includes: Price above is for tuition only. See the CAIRN webpage hereabove for
accommodations for housing/commuter information and fees.

Arrival/Departure Information:  please email us, as further information will be given in your confirmation letter in due time.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program at any time. Our workshops are educational experiences, and are not to be mistaken for long-term therapy or cure. Some people may find some programs to be too psychologically or physically challenging. We recommend that in case of any doubt, a trusted and experienced Dharma counselor be consulted. RWL

Dedicated to the Prospectives in Music, Art&Therapy and Traditional Healing


CAIRN Anchor : RWL

Namgyal  Rimpoche (*)

Tibetan Medicine Online


CAIRN Student Exchange

Professional  Thesis

Tibetan  e-Psychology



(*):  Orgyen Tenzin Namgyal Rimpoche  is the Co-founder with RWL of Orgyen Tenzin    Gyaltsen Tsa-rLung Psychology & Energotherapy R&D e-Center, based in Boudhanath Stupa, KTM


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