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14  or  21~days 
Quality   Escorted   Experiential  Tours

From 20 October  to 03 or 10 November, 2007







« Caer  Sidi »

The  Island of Crystal 

Special Tibetan Thangkas and Newari Silver Handicraft Exhibition

 organized in Nice, South-of-France  and Bruxelles (UCL), Belgium

October : 20-28, 2007 

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 14 or 21-days 
Tibetan Arts Itinerant Exhibition in Belgium, France and Italy


Tibetan  Thangkas



























Traditional SilverHandicraft

Mr. Dharma Raj Shakya

Newari Silver & Gold Handicraft














*  Caer Sidi  Seminar & Retreat

For additional information, please write to CAIRN Consortium CEO: William Rene LEON (PhD) at:
leon@sped.ucl.ac.be>  and <william_rene@hotmail.com>






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 *  Caer Sidi,  Tsa-rLung Seven Seals  Retreat


Cairn  Strategic  Tsa-rLung  Coaching  Retreat is a personalized psycho-energy-body development program, offered one-on-one by appointment only. It is the only comparative Tibetan Shamanic Vajrayana and Keltic Christendom (Body of Light) Traditional Healing Research & Development synthesis, based on 35 years professional experiential in both Dharma and Keltic Powerplaces experiential synthesis practices, to be found today!

CAIRN Strategic Tsa-rLung Coaching is dedicated to transforming the practice of community leadership and to helping create cultures of engagement for high performance/high fulfilment organizations that bring out the best in people in terms of  Personal or Organizational Renewal and Leadership, this by using the precious legacy of the Tibetan Tsa-rLung Body of Light Practices and Vajrayana Philosophy, as well as that of the Grail Lore.

CAIRN follows the inspiring and innovative drive, launched in the early 1980s by late Tarab Tulku Rinpoche, Trungpa Rinpoche, Dudjom Rimpoche, Kyentse Rinpoche, as well as nowadays by Tenzin Wangyal, Lopon Tenzin Namdak and others, in their efforts towards a transparent and scientific approach to the concepts and practices of  the "Body of Light", as well as  seek more intimate embodiment with other similar Sacred Healing Arts living traditions.

The Caer Sidi , Tsa-rLung Seven Seals Retreat will be of a 4-5 days duration Quest on the traces of the Keltic Healing tradition, Mary Magdalene, Wolfram Von Eschenbach Lore and South-France Templars historical Grail sacred sites in and around the Verdon, including the wide pilgrimage area of Ste Beaume, Aix-en-Provence, Moustiers Ste Marie and other Black Madonna altars.